Totapari.. How I express my art through it..

Indian Kumaon Jewellery      Indian Kumaon Jewellery

As a child I was always enamoured by jewellery. Gradually I realised that adorning oneself has been constant and consistent across space, time, religions and cultures. For years this passion remained as a seed inside.

I did post graduation in Science but my heart was into jewellery, painting, craft, travel, photography, organic food and gardening. And surprisingly all these streams amalgamate to get ahead into this venture. Science helped me to understand different geometrical shapes, chemical composition of the materials used and their effects. I could understand the gems and their effects on moods and well being of the person.

Designing and composition were easy to understand with painting and sketching. Photography and travel actually helped me to understand diverse cultures far and wide. Variety of local designs, materials of every place and the significance of jewellery in the peoples' lives is amazing. I discovered the emotional importance of jewellery in a persons life and how it touches the deepest instincts in a human being.

Finally I could hold it no more !!!

The Indian jewellery is the best world over with the widest range. Even the most vintage designs look so contemporary. Parrots, paisleys, peacocks, temples, Gods, lotus motifs, sun, moon, chakras and mandalas are all Indian motifs. I wanted the collection to be known as something which brings out the sweetness and naughtiness of Indian diversity. 

Most of the collection is handcrafted so there won’t be many pieces of the same design. Handmade products give artisans the liberty to use and create with their own imagination unlike mechanised products. When you collect, wear or gift ornaments from our collection you are actually buying a ‘Statement in Time’ sealed in the beautiful piece handed down to the artisans over many generations. And this is your contribution in keeping the tradition alive.

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