“Raksha Bandhan”: Historical and Cultural Significance of a Great Indian Festival, Celebrate it with the Totapari Sophistication

“Raksha Bandhan”: Historical and Cultural Significance of a Great Indian Festival, Celebrate it with the Totapari Sophistication

Have you ever thought why Raksha Bandhan is celebrated in India? Is it celebrated with the same fervour throughout India? What are the famous stories around this festival?

This Blog in just first 3 paragraphs will enrich you with the historical and cultural significance of this great Indian festival.

In Hindus, there is a tradition of tying a sacred thread, usually red in colour, symbolising strength & energy, before a religious ceremony, by the Priest who is performing the Pooja. This thread offers a Godly protection and usually a mantra is chanted to invoke this protection. This ritual of tying a thread is very old in Hindu culture. It is said that the thread wards off all evil eyes and offers a protection in times of distress. There is a scientific reason also behind this that there is a vein on the wrist and tying a thread around this vein regulates the pulse, the blood pressure and controls other major parameters related to robust health.

Evil Eye Silver Rakhi to ward off the evil 

Raksha Bandhan, an important Hindu festival, especially prominent in northern part of India also centres around this concept. There are two words in this, Raksha, which means protection and Bandhan means restriction or attachment, a bond or a chain. So the central theme of the festival symbolises the bond of love between brothers and sisters. On this festival, which falls on the last day of Hindu lunar month of Shraavana also called Shraavana Poornima (English month of August), sisters adorn the forehead of their brothers with a tilak, perform aarti, tie a thread (colloquially called Rakhi) around the wrist of their brothers and offer them a sweet, This entire ceremony invokes a sisterly love for brothers and is believed to impart them a divine protection. Brothers give gifts to their sisters in return with a solemn promise of safeguarding them in times of distress. This festival is not as popular in Southern part of India.

The festival of Raksha Bandhan did not start the way it is celebrated in modern times. There are many mythological and historical references to this festival. Ancient texts, traditional stories, and folklores have several instances of wives tying threads on the husband wrists for protection during wars. Sachi the wife of Indra tied a thread around Indra’s wrist for his protection during a battle against Bali-the demon king. This story is also famous  that when Lord Krishna in Mahabharata wielded his famous Sudarshana Chakra to kill Shishupala, he got his finger injured and Draupadi tore her saree for a piece of cloth and tied it on his finger. Overwhelmed by this gesture of love and concern, Lord Krishna promised to protect her and came to her rescue whenever in distress. Lord Krishna protected her when she was being disrobed  by Kauravas in an open assembly of King Dhritrashtra and offered Draupadi his divine protection and saved her from the mental trauma of being openly disrobed and disrespected. There are several other stories; of King Bali and Goddess Lakshmi, of Lord Indra and Indrani, story of Yama and the Yamuna, Lord Ganesha and Santoshi Maa, which exemplify such a bond between brothers and sisters, the bond of love and protection. There is also a story that Rani karnavati of Chittor sent a Rakhi to Emperor Humayun and sought his protection when Bahadur Shah attacked Chittor. These mythological tales and stories only indicate historical significance of this festival but how this has evolved and metamorphosed into its current avatar is not clear. But whatever it may be, this festival is a beautiful synthesis of love and protection and predominantly celebrated in northern part of Indian subcontinent including amongst Hindus settled worldwide. 

Why Silver Rakhi?

Silver, soft and malleable, epitomises love, beauty elegance, peace and spirituality. The metal is often compared with moon, which is also a symbol of beauty and sophistication. Silver is also antimicrobial and anticarcinogenic. It also has numerous other health benefits related to immune and neurological system. Ancient kings always used silver utensils for serving food and liquids. In Ayurveda too, an ancient system of Hindu medicine, silver is used in many preparations for healing and balancing crucial elements in the body. Therefore, Silver as a metal also symbolizes protection and strength. Silver being chic and modish is also affordable. Tying a silver Rakhi to one’s brother will represent all these qualities. Silver is not only graceful to wear on such occasions but also has always been a good investment option too.

We the Totapari team always think about offering something new, modern, affordable and lasting to our customers. Continuing our tradition and to accentuate this elysian bond and add grace to this grand tradition of love and protection between brothers and sisters, Totapari, the Dernier Cri, in fashion jewellery decided to introduce Silver Rakhis for making this festival memorable. They have been hand made with a lot of thought and contemplation. Behind each design there is a story. ‘Lord Ganesha’ is a remover of obstacles, ‘Sun’ the life giver, ‘Om’ the celestial vibration, ‘Lotus’ a symbol of rebirth and the ‘Tree of Life’ represents the source of life and a force that connects all life.

Lord Ganesha Silver Rakhi

We have Introduced ‘Patra’ Rakhis, which is a revival of the old traditional art of jewellery making, thus encouraging people to keep this art alive along with familiarising our family with this art form.


Seen above are Aditya Silver Rakhi and Aryan Gold Plated Silver Rakhi, handcrafted using the traditional Patra Work. 

We have thoughtfully introduced ‘Celtic Symbols’ artistry in our rakhis. They are treasure trove of stories and meanings which have relevance in modern times.

Celtic Silver Rakhi 

‘The Triskel’ is a sign of Equilibrium and Harmony among the three realms. ‘The flower of Life’ is a well-known geometric symbol that shows the connectedness of the whole universe. The ‘Infinity’ symbol represents the concept of eternity as endless and unlimited. All these symbols have been incorporated in our Rakhis. 

Silver Rakhis are beautiful and have a timeless charm. Totapari has taken utmost care and diligence to craft them. They are made with detailed designs and fine skill, giving them a ne plus ultra look. The detailed patterns and engravings on the silver Rakhi show our rich cultural heritage and craftsmanship. This makes Totapari Rakhis a quintessence of tradition and style. Protecting you from negativity, they would also refresh and motivate you to face each day with new energy. 

Shop with Convenience: Online Silver Rakhi

Shopping for a Silver Rakhi online is easy and convenient. Our online store features the Auspicious Silver Rakhi Collection, with detailed descriptions and high-quality images. Browse through the options, choose a Rakhi that resonates with your style and complete your purchase within a few clicks. Your chosen Rakhi will be delivered directly at your door step, making your Raksha Bandhan celebration simple, memorable and classy.

No Matter Where you are, We Deliver promptly and safely! 

At Totapari Jewellery, we believe that physical distance shouldn't be a hindrance to your Raksha Bandhan celebrations. That's why we offer seamless worldwide delivery, ensuring that your chosen Rakhi reaches your sibling in time. Explore a wide range of contemporary designs on our website, www.totapari.com, from the comfort of your home. Each silver Rakhi is carefully crafted, balancing simplicity and intricate detailing. Our collection ensures you'll find an immaculate Rakhi which suits yours and your brother’s style.

Auspicious Additions with Your Silver Rakhi from Totapari Jewellery 

When you order a silver rakhi from Totapari Jewellery in India, your package includes traditional items like kumkum (vermilion), chawal (rice grains), and mishri (sugar crystals). These elements are important in Indian culture, symbolizing blessings, purity, and sweetness. Adding these items to the rakhi makes the celebration Indian rustic, more authentic and memorable.


This Raksha Bandhan, make your bond with your siblings even more special with Totapari Auspicious Silver Rakhi Collection. Whichever silver Rakhi you choose, each one would present a design, a concept, which reflects love, protection, blessings, art, culture and our rich heritage. Honor tradition with a touch of class & style and celebrate this festival, which is paragon of a celestial bond between siblings. Enjoy the ease of online shopping and make this Raksha Bandhan a truly unforgettable occasion for you and your loved ones.


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