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Colors and the Seven Chakras

Each Color is associated with a different energy center and they all are the colors of color spectrum VIBGYOR (VIOLET, INDIGO, BLUE, GREEN, YELLOW, ORANGE, RED). All chakras are associated with a different color, sound, vibration, as well as specific organs and body parts. The reason why each chakra is associated with a specific color is its unique vibration.

Every color associated with a particular chakra possesses its own pulse, density, frequency and wave length. Wellness goes much beyond mental and physical wellness. One of the easiest ways to support your wellbeing is by using chakra-healing gemstones.

Balancing the chakra colors creates energetic harmony. By pairing the specific colored stones with their chakra colors, we magnify the power of the crystal and increase the flow of stagnant energy.

Let us explore specific colors and their associations.

1. The Red Chakra (Root Chakra)

It is known as the Muladhara Chakra in Sanskrit. It is the most stimulating and vibrant hue of all chakra colors. It is densest of all colors and represents life force, vitality and courage. It is known to awaken the feeling of safety and confidence, both in your relationship with the world and with yourself. A well-balanced Root Chakra sets the foundation for all other chakras in the system. Red Agate or even black tourmaline may balance the root chakra.

The red color is associated with passion, desire, love and energy. It increases the blood flow and heart rate. That may be the reason for painting the heart emoji with red. It is the most evocative color of the visible spectrum and sometimes signifies dominance.

It enhances the human metabolism, increases respiration rate, and raises the blood flow. It attracts attention more than any other color. Related colors are magenta, burgundy and maroon.

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2. The Orange Chakra (Sacral Chakra)

This category of chakra is commonly known as the Swadhisthana Chakra in Sanskrit. This type of chakra is associated with the orange color. The water element is a good relationship between the sacral chakra and the human body. The orange color has a strong influence on the body's emotions, including creativity, sexuality, desire, reproductive systems, compassion, and many other things.

The Sacral Chakra is vitally connected to the sense of taste in the body. Swadhisthana chakra has a major impact on the glands of the pelvic, bladder, lymphatic, and female reproductive organs.

People associate orange with happiness, joy, attraction, and enthusiasm. The chakra is located below the navel at the pubic bone. It is therefore the main source of creativity and sexual center.

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3. Solar Plexus Chakra (Yellow Color)

It is the color that is always shining, the color of the sun. This type of chakra is called Manipura Chakra in Sanskrit. It is the city of jewels. The primary source of personal power that is associated with professional success or real-life success is the chakra. Solar Plexus Chakra's yellow colors are often associated with high levels of energy, sunlight, bright fire, and charge. These elements are vital to our bodies.

They give the body confidence. Solar Plexus Chakra also makes it possible for people to feel happy, energetic and encouraged. It can also produce feelings of warmth, joy, intellect, and stimulation of the mind. This category of chakra is closely related to the sense of sight. The Manipura Chakra is associated with the adrenal glands. The chakra covers the entire region between the navel and the breastbone.

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4. Heart Chakra (Green Color)

The element of air in the Heart Chakra is related to the green colors. It can have a huge impact on the relationships between people. The heart chakra is responsible for all relationships, including love and marriage. The heart chakra becomes weaker when there is distrust and envy. This is why long-term relationships are broken down between loved ones. 

The sense of touch is one of the senses that are connected to the heart chakra. It is believed to bring harmony into our lives and be associated with nature. It is the source of love and affection that creates relationships. It is spiritually connected to the Thymus, lymph glands, and other organs.

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5. Throat Chakra (Blue Color)

Another term for it is Vishuddhi chakra, which could refer to true voice. The throat chakra, which is blue in color and vital to the body, is associated with listening attentively and communicating with others. This chakra has many glands. These include the jaws and teeth, throat, neck vertebrae, ears, throat, and other mouth glands.

The throat chakra is balanced so that we can communicate our emotions with ease using a pleasant voice. It enhances our artistic and spiritual abilities. This is why we meditate effectively when we are alone.

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6. Third Eye Chakra (Indigo Color)

Third Eye Chakra (Ajna Chakra), allows people to see the larger picture by using imagination. This chakra color is connected to the Indigo gland. Human beings can be amazing when the Third Eye Chakra is in balance. They can also have great personalities and communicate effectively with one another by sharing their essential ideas.

It increases the telepathic abilities as well as the fear of death. This chakra is responsible for the sense of thought. It is the center of intuition within the body. It allows us to be focused on our daily activities.

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7. The Crown Chakra (Violet Color)

Crown Chakra, in Sanskrit, is the Sahasrara Chakra located at the crown of your head. It opens up the spiritual connections between individuals and the other, as well as to the higher beings. Some of the vital glands that are connected to the crown chakra include the nervous system, pituitary, and brain glands.

A healthy balance of the crown chakra can allow for extraordinary abilities such as performing miracles, interpreting hidden messages, and knowing right from wrong.

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Upon acquiring an in-depth understanding of the distinct attributes and significance associated with each chakra color within the context of our energetic and spiritual well-being, we can initiate a transformative exploration into the myriad strategies and practices aimed at maintaining their delicate equilibrium. This transformative journey allows us to cultivate a profound sense of balance and resonance across our physical, mental, and spiritual dimensions.

As we invest in these practices and deepen our understanding of the chakra system, we not only optimize our physical, mental, and spiritual health but also embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and transformation. Through this holistic approach to chakra balance, we unlock our fullest potential, fostering a life rich in vitality, purpose, and spiritual depth.

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