Caring for our gold-plated jewellery we love so much!

Caring for our gold-plated jewellery we love so much!

Gold has been the most sought-after precious metal. The rich burnished color has been a symbol and display of wealth and prosperity. It used to be considered an investment.

Everything changes with time – many options now available for investments, people are experimenting in many other ways like travelling, keeping fit, and styling themselves up. As our styling changed, so did our jewellery.

The cost of real gold jewellery can be quite prohibitive plus we cannot keep up with styles and variety. 

Gold plating helps keep costs down and allows designers to create more innovative intricate shapes out of stronger metals before plating it in gold. One can have a bigger collection for a fraction of the price of gold.

Given how much we love our gold-plated jewellery to amp up our looks, we need to know how to make our jewellery long lasting.

Follow the following steps to keep your collections sparkling for years to come:

  • Devote a few minutes every week to your collection. There is no substitute for regularity.
  • Heat, moisture, bathing, swimming and exercise drench your jewellery in chemicals. So after a shower, dry yourself, apply creams and lotions, wear your favourite fragrance, and only then adorn yourself with gold-plated jewellery. Wear them last but remove them first.
  • Don’t leave your jewellery in the box with everything else, as friction of rubbing against other articles wears away the top golden layer. Sleeping in your jewellery makes it vulnerable to breakage and tarnishing. Store your jewellery pieces in separate pouches provided. Don’t keep them out for long hours.
  • After removing jewellery use a soft cotton cloth to wipe the jewellery before storing it. A simple hack is to use cotton bud to remove embedded soil from crevices. Never use any sharp tool like safety pin or knife as this may scrap or chip off the gold plating.

Following these simple steps can keep your jewels shining forever and you may cherish your collection for long.

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